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Why steel?

Panelized steel framing

Panelizing enables faster on-site framing, reducing labor costs and allowing faster home completion.

Our Mission

is to be the company that makes building in Hawaii fast, easy, and affordable for everyone.

Hoohuli Contracting - steel framing home builder Hoohuli Contracting - steel framing home


The popularity and use of panelized construction has soared nationwide in recent years, and its use in all areas and types of construction is expected to grow even faster in the Twenty First Century.

Architectural Design

Steel Framing

Reduced probability of foundation problems. Less weight results in less movement.


By “panelizing,” you can frame in days, not weeks. Panelized Homes allow faster building and home completion! Reducing On-Site Labor costs and Construction Loan costs.


Panelized Construction (wall systems and framing) are of higher quality and workmanship.

Superior Quality. Superior Strength. Amazing Affordability