Panelized Steel Framing

Why Steel?

Steel is a superior construction material

  • Highest Strength-to-Weight Ratio of any building material. Higher strength results in safer structures, less maintenance and slower aging structure.

  • No warping! Inorganic-galvanized steel will not rot, warp, split, twist, crack or creep.

  • Consistent quality, precision manufacturing. Manufactured to precise measurements, produced in strict accordance with national standards. Will Notexpand or contract due to heat or moisture. Every stud is dimensionally the same.

  • Reduced probability of damage in high winds. Stronger connections with screws versus nails. Straight walls and square corners, windows and doors function properly.

  • Reduced probability of foundation problems. Less weight results in less movement.

  • Non-Combustible. Will Not burn or contribute as fuel to a fire.

  • Not vulnerable to MOLD! Unlike wood, steel is not vulnerable to any type of fungi or organism. THIS INCLUDES TERMITES

  • Steel is a renewable resource!!! 100% recyclable.

Why Panelized?

  • Quality. Straight walls, square corners, exact dimensions and specifications. Panelized construction (wall systems and framing) are of higher quality and workmanship. Engineered panels are constructed indoors, with computer automated production equipment and state-of-the-art fabrication tables. This eliminates mistakes and waste.

  • Faster On-Site Framing. By “panelizing,” you can frame in days, not weeks. Panelized walls allow faster building completion, reducing on-site labor costs and construction loan interest.

  • Security. Materials are maintained in a controlled environment, offering less opportunity for weather damage or theft.

  • Zero On-Site Framing Waste. No roll-offs filled with wasted framing materials!

  • Built in Hawaii. Superior quality and service before, during, and after your product is complete.

  • Competitive Pricing. Bulk steel purchase allows for volume discounts which keeps our product competitively priced and very affordable.

Cost Saving Advantages

  • Reduce construction loan interest expense by 30% or more.

  • Reduced on-site labor costs.

  • More affordable than conventional wood framing.

  • Reduced insurance rates during and after construction.

The popularity and use of panelized construction has soared nationwide in recent years, and its use in all areas and types of construction is expected to grow even faster this decade.